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Products History

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Brand History

● In 1958

Foshan Electric Machinery Factory was formally established. This is the predecessor of A-VIBRAS. At that time: our main product was motor.


●  In 1965

we began to explore a new field - the production of vibrators.


● In 1973

we succeeded in making the first type of vibrator. Since then: we have been specializing in the manufacture of vibrators.



The gate ofthe factory in the 1970S-1980s

● From that time

we focused on the development and production of pendulum type vibrators, external concrete vibrators and concrete vibrator with motor in head.


The gate of our company in the 1990s.


● From 1983 to 1993

we began to invest in the production of high-frequency vibrators and high-power external concrete vibrators.


external vibrator

● From 1993 to 2000

our product line has been gradually enriched, including pendulum type vibrators, eccentric head vibrators, portable vibrators, pneumatic concrete vibrators, concrete vibrators with motor in head, electric concrete vibrators: external concrete vibrators and many other vibrators, as well as flexible hoses: flexible shafts, plate compactors, vibratory rammers, construction block cutters and other ancillary products.

high-frequency vibrator


 high-frequency vibrator


● After 2000

we paid more attention to the global market, and we began to consider the coupling adaptability of vibrators in different countries when developing products.


● At present

we have not only become the leading manufacturer of vibrators in our country: but also have exported our products to more than 50 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina: Chile, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia: the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Kuwait and so on.